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Streamline SAP Financial Data Entry from Excel

GLSU allows an organization to streamline its financial data entry functions. GLSU provides a flexible and intuitive spreadsheet interface for collecting and posting transactions to SAP. From simple recurring general journal entries to allocations thousands of lines long, GLSU solves many common SAP data entry problems.

GLSU is far more than a simple batch load program, GLSU uses a combination of a configurable spreadsheet interface with a custom ABAP load program.

These two items work together to deliver deep functionality such as

Configurable work space

Enter only relevant SAP data items for your specific application. Customize the order of fields. All spreadsheet customization is done through dialog boxes which let you choose and order fields from a picklist. Adding, changing or deleting fields takes seconds.

Build data-entry applications

Form input, monthly close packages, complex allocations, rebates, accruals, etc. can all be automated using GLSU. Different spreadsheet “templates” can be created, stored on the SAP server, and distributed to your workforce quickly.

Pre-validate BEFORE posting

GLSU can check your input data against live (or off-line) SAP master data to warn of potential errors before posting occurs. All errors are returned to the user simultaneously.



  • Use standard Excel functionallity to calculate values
  • Create a new template in 60 seconds
  • Validate and post with one click


  • Create more detailed data in less time and effort
  • Reduce support and ongoing development costs
  • Quick installation – enjoy the benefits immediately


  • Pre-validate data before posting
  • Eliminate the need to re-key GL entries
  • Minimize the chance of errors

Streamline SAP Financial Data Entry from Excel.
Let us show you how

GLSU Key Features

Easy user interface – leverage your Excel skills
Post directly from the spreadsheet
Create template from posted document
Flexible layouts
SAP document numbers returned to the spreadsheet
Attach source workbooks to posted document in SAP

Post more than 1000 lines
Post multiple documents
from one worksheet
Post recurring entries (FBD1-type entries)
Recurring entry pre-validations
Multiple attachments with support for any file type
Auto-plug rounding tolerance

Solve your common day-to-day challenges with GLSU:

  • Month-end closing
  • Large journal entries/error handling
  • Large file uploads >1000 lines
  • Purchasing cards (P-Cards)
  • Cross-company code entries
  • Interface flat files – Concur, etc.
  • Improve audit trail/add attachments
  • Payroll processing
  • Miscellaneous vendors
  • Multiple currencies
  • AR entries
  • Travel and expense
  • COPA entries
  • Accrual entries
  • Mergers/acquisitions

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A word from our customers

“I haven’t seen or heard of anything better than GLSU for loading financial data into SAP. At a class last year, a gentleman from another company could not stop talking about Z Option – and he had some really complex formulas going on. There is simply no limit to how you can use GLSU, if you’re familiar with Excel.”


“The biggest selling point for GLSU is that it is Excel-based. We’re accountants, so we know Excel very well. Anytime you can give us a tool that allows us to utilize the knowledge we already have,
it’s going to be a more powerful tool for us.”


“GLSU allows people to do more in less time. With 15 minutes of input, you have 45 minutes of analysis. GLSU enhances our decision-making power and allows us to react faster to changes in tough economic times.“


“We’ve had to reduce headcount, and GLSU has helped us manage with limited resources. GLSU fully complements the validation capabilities in SAP and contributes to better analytics. Entering data is now easier and much more accurate, which has delivered increased productivity.”