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Customer case Fender

From Payroll to Petty Cash: GLSU is a Hit at Fender

“We quickly began to figure out new ways to use GLSU. Users can’t believe how much time this is saving us.”

Customer Profile

An American icon, Fender was founded in Southern California and has established a worldwide influence that extends from the studio to the stage – and beyond. Everyone from beginners to the world’s most acclaimed artists have used Fender instruments, amps and gear, making the company not only a revered industry leader but a cultural symbol that resonates globally. 

Nearly seven decades since founder Leo Fender built his first electric guitar, Fender’s reach transcends instruments and accessories, encompassing a range of innovative digital experiences that fuel musical expression and serve players at every stage – on every stage.


Fender’s accounting department faced a serious payroll interface problem on their weekly upload from their payroll service to SAP. Duplicate entries were creating error messages that needed correcting before upload to SAP – consuming valuable time that could be better spent on more productive accounting activities.


Familiar with GLSU from a previous engagement, an IT Analyst hired to correct the payroll interface problem recommended GLSU from Z Option as the best solution. He suggested it would not only fix the payroll problems, but offered a lot of other functionality as well. After seeing a demonstration of the product, Fender’s Accounting Manager was convinced. “I knew we would make great use of GLSU.”

GLSU quickly proved to be a winning solution. GLSU’s competitive pricing and off-the-shelf convenience far exceeded any potential in-house solution. Deployment was fast and easy. And templates can easily be created by the user. It now takes less than 10 minutes to build a template and they are easy to modify and store.

“The biggest selling point for GLSU is that it is Excel-based. We’re accountants, so we know Excel very well. Anytime you can give us a tool that allows us to utilize the knowledge we already have, it’s going to be a more powerful tool for us.”

Accounting Manager, Fender ​


Flexible Functionality Pays Royalties

According to Fender’s Accounting Manager, “we could see GLSU was going to be user-friendly and this allows us to use GLSU in unusual ways.” For example, Fender uses GLSU to pay ‘non-invoice’ vendors. Their royalty artists and sales tax payments are made by uploading all payment requests to one GLSU template, which are then forwarded to AP for royalty payments and GL for sales tax payments. They eliminated manual entry on hundreds of ‘non-invoice’ vendors.

Easier Acquisition Uploads

After Fender acquired other companies, they uploaded receivable balances into their customer sub-ledger with GLSU. When originally purchased, they had not even considered using it for this purpose. They discovered it reduced a day’s work to about half an hour.

Reduces Petty Cash Reconciliation Errors

GLSU also solved Fender’s petty cash problem. A GLSU template was created and forwarded to petty cash custodians who used it as they would their initial spreadsheets. The template allowed AP to avoid rekeying and correcting their errors during reconciliation.

Business Benefits

Fewer data entries and less re-posting means time saved in every area of accounting. Specifically, the new GLSU payroll interface delivered great time savings and fewer errors on entries over 1000 lines. Similarly, for cash postings, the prior day’s banking is downloaded from the bank into an Excel-compatible spreadsheet. Using macros, the information is transferred into a GLSU template, reducing input time from two hours to 20 minutes.

One of Fender’s favorite things about Z Option is the support. “Typically they help us immediately. When we put in a support ticket, we get a response within minutes. And, unlike other vendors, they supply a very quick solution, not just a response.”

The Accounting Manager also relishes the improved accuracy they enjoy, especially on the AP invoice side. “We’re getting information [in spreadsheets] from the vendors that we’re not rekeying. We definitely have increased accuracy there and across the board. GLSU tracks calculations and liability in the spreadsheet – which eliminated a big chunk of time for AP, and reduces key stroke errors.”

Now when Fender’s Accounting team encounters a problem, someone says,

“What about GLSU?” It’s more than the dollars saved – it’s the time saved.