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Customer cases

“The biggest selling point for GLSU is that it is Excel-based. We’re accountants, so we know Excel very well. Anytime you can give us a tool that allows us to utilize the knowledge we already have,
it’s going to be a more powerful tool for us.”

“GLSU allows people to do more in less time. With 15 minutes of input, you have 45 minutes of analysis. GLSU enhances our decision-making power and allows us to react faster to changes in tough economic times.”


“We’ve had to reduce headcount, and GLSU has helped us manage with limited resources. GLSU fully complements the validation capabilities in SAP and contributes to better analytics. Entering data is now easier and much more accurate, which has delivered increased productivity.”

ND Paper

“With GLSU, accountants are no longer just data entry clerks.
Now, there is time for data analysis instead of data entry.”


“GLSU made more sense than creating our own program. With GLSU, we don’t have to maintain the software, and it gives us better flexibility and more options.”


“GLSU is an honest tool that doesn’t pretend to be what it is not. It is a financial upload tool and it does that very well”