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Z Option GLSU simplifies SAP financial data entry and automates transactions right from Microsoft Excel.

Time to improve your journal entry uploading processes and provide a better experience for your business users?  Discover how Z Option GLSU can help.

See firsthand why hundreds of companies with thousands of users worldwide use Z Option GLSU to streamline SAP financial data entry using a familiar tool – Excel.  Minimize IT involvement while improving productivity.

Request your personalized demo now to see how Z Option GLSU can:

  • Automate your manual data entry process
  • Replace your in-house custom uploader – eliminate the need for IT support
  • Streamline the FI document posting process resulting in a shorter month-end close
  • Pre-validate data prior to uploading into SAP, improving audit processing with increased accuracy
  • Validate and post more than 999 lines, a well-known SAP limitation

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“Easily move data from Excel into SAP.
Ability to attach journal entries directly into SAP. Very customizable ... and we really get a lot of benefit out of that.”

  Laun Adams, Record-to-Report Business Partner, Kellogg Company