SAP ® Financial Data Entry from Excel ®

Z Option Inc. provides cost effective, ready-to-use software that reduces the cost of using
and implementing SAP by integrating common SAP functions with
Microsoft Excel.

Automate Everyday Processes

Accounting and Finance departments are seeking new strategies to automate, streamline and improve business processes without adding complexity to their IT landscape. Finance leaders need a solution that provides an easy-to-navigate experience and a front-end that users can readily recognize and adopt.

GLSU is an Excel add-in that streamlines SAP financial data entry, allowing you to automate and post transactions with a flexible and easy-to-use spreadsheet interface. GLSU minimizes IT involvement while maximizing productivity.


GLSU is SAP S/4HANA certified. If you are planning a move to SAP S/4HANA, you don’t have to worry about upgrading your loader. 

In-house solutions can be cumbersome and are not user-friendly.  And manual processes increase the chance of errors and slow down productivity. 

If you plan to replace your current uploader or manual processes, consider GLSU to improve the business user experience.

Streamline your Financial
Data Entry Functions


Enter only relevant SAP data items for your specific application. Customize the order of fields. All spreadsheet customization is done through dialog boxes which let you choose and order fields from a picklist. Adding, changing or deleting fields takes seconds.


Form input, monthly close packages, complex allocations, rebates, accruals and more can be automated using GLSU. Different spreadsheet templates can be created, stored on the SAP server, and distributed to your workforce quickly.


GLSU can check your input data against live (or off-line) SAP master data to warn of potential errors before posting occurs. Never re-key GL entries again, minimizing the chance for errors.

A word from our customers

“GLSU helps you do front-end verifications in an extremely flexible tool. By implementing it you can save effort in closing your books every month.”

Eric Frisvold

“We have implemented the GLSU solution and it has saved us a lot of time and effort with journal entries. I can’t say enough about how easy Z Option is to use for users. They love it, we love all the functions of attaching the documents automatically. It’s amazing!”

Robert James
Lead Systems Specialist – Database Analysis

“Easily move data from Excel into SAP. Ability to attach journal entries directly into SAP. Very customizable for whatever the needs are and we really get a lot of benefit out of that.”

Laun Adams
Record to Report Business Partner