The Best Spreadsheet Loader on Earth! GLSU allows an organization to streamline its financial data entry functions.





Budget Loader loads and retrieves planning data directly between SAP and Microsoft Excel.

  • - Lori Papp, Cryolife

    Hi ! I am Lori Papp from Cryolife. I have been a Z Option GLSU user for about 5 or 6 years now. I originally found the program at one of these SAP conventions and implementation was really easy.

  • - Robert James, AOL

    Hi! I am Robert James from AOL. We have implemented the GLSU solution and it has saved us a lot of time and effort with journal entries. I can't say enough about how easy Z Option is to use for users. They love it, we love all the functions of attaching the documents automatically. It's amazing!

  • - Preston Borchers, Invista

    We are new Customers of Z Option. The best experience I had so far is I submitted a ticket to the help-desk and they responded literally within 2 minutes with a solution. Great, great people to work with. Great tool!

  • - Eric Frisvold, SALO Consulting

    GLSU helps you do front-end verifications in an extremely flexible tool. By implementing it you can save effort in closing your books every month.

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Z Option Inc., a privately held Texas C-Corporation, and SAP software partner, has provided effective software solutions for corporations such as Shell and Kraft Foods. Incorporated in 1999, our growing list of Fortune 500 and smaller customers has underscored our commitment to engineering superior complementary SAP software that focuses on solving end-user real-world problems. Founded by three former SAP consultants with backgrounds in Accounting and Information Technology and an average 16 years of SAP experience, Z Option Inc. brings customers the ideal blend of end-user features while eliminating the need for lengthy internal development life cycles, budget overruns, and excessive support costs.


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